LIN, Bin (林斌)
Yet another master's student @ TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands


I was born and raised in Wenzhou, a city located in southeastern China. From September 2014 I’m a graduate student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, China.

Fields of Interest

My interests span a wide range of fields in software engineering. Specific topics include social aspects of software engineering and mining software repositories. I am also interested in web information retrieval. Meanwhile, I also develop web applications with Django, Flask, SQL and NoSQL databases, ElasticSearch, etc.


I can be reached via b.lin[at]live[dot]com. Phone number and address are available upon request. You can also find me on social media:

Publication records are also available on DBLP and Google Scholar.


Conference papers
Recognizing Gender of Stack Overflow Users
Bin Lin, Alexander Serebrenik
MSR 2016 BibTex
Interactive posters
Why Developers Are Slacking Off: Understanding How Software Teams Use Slack
Bin Lin, Alexey Zagalsky, Margaret-Anne Storey, Alexander Serebrenik
CSCW 2016 BibTex